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LLC “Scientific and Production Association” Sapropel “is engaged in industrial extraction, processing and sale of bottom sediments in lakes – sapropel.
Sapropel is mined on the lakes of the Voronezh region, in the chernozem strip.

Sapropel or bottom sediment of freshwater reservoirs of the glacial period is a product of a unique, centuries-old natural synthesis of plant and animal life residues, 

consisting of mineral and organic parts. Application of sapropel gives not only environmentally friendly, high-quality agricultural products, but also human health. Sapropel as a high-quality organomineral fertilizer, is used for all types of soils and all types of plants to increase the content of humus, nitrogen and microelements in the soil.
Sapropel fertilizers are an indispensable product used for radical improvement of the land, for its reclamation and sanitation.
Depending on the properties and characteristics of sapropels, several ways of using them are recommended. The main way is direct application of sapropels as fertilizers or fertilizers made on their basis in vegetative soil in order to increase its fertility.

Based on the results of studies carried out for a number of years in Belarus, Latvia, Yaroslavl, Leningrad and Omsk regions, it was practically justified that sapropel
Light, sandy and stony soils, on lands saturated with mineral fertilizers, as well as on irrigated lands. The yield of crops after application of sapropel in the soil as a natural biostimulator of plant growth is increased by 50% or more.

Sapropel has an advantage over other composts of animal origin, as it does not contain weeds and is not infected by pathogenic bacteria and flora.
Unlike chemical fertilizers, environmentally friendly sapropel does not have harmful toxic effects on humans and animals.
The timing of the application and the ways to incorporate sapropel into the soil do not differ from the timing and methods of introducing other organic fertilizers, but there are also advantages: when sapropel is introduced, there is no loss of nitrogen before plowing before plowing, even with prolonged plowing delay.

Sapropel as a fertilizer is used in accordance with GOST 54000-2010.

When preparing the soil for sowing small seeds (carrots, radishes, salads, celery, parsley, etc.), use 1-1.5 kg / sq. M. M with an embedding in the soil to a depth of 10-15 cm.

When planting seedlings in the ground, they make vegetable crops (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, etc.) in wells or in rows from the calculation of 50-70g per plant With subsequent mixing with the soil. When planting fruit trees and bushes, sapropel is introduced into the pit and mixed with soil – 1.5 kg per pit.

For lawns 1-1,5 kg / sq. M. M with embedding in the soil to a depth of 10-15 cm. Very effective fertilizing of plants in the growing season, for this in the root zone is brought 50-100 g and mixed with the soil in a ratio of 1: 2-1: 4.

Under the digging make 1-1,5 kg / sq. M. M.

Sapropel fertilizers have a long aftereffect up to 10 years.

Effective use of sapropel as a mineral fertilizing of animals and birds, especially young growth as a growth stimulant.
Sapropel is also used for the production of highly effective medicinal and cosmetic preparations.
On the basis of sapropel, a sorbent is made, which serves to remove contaminants from the surface of water and any solid surface on the basis of oil, oils and other insoluble substances in water.

Potential consumers of sapropel.

– Agricultural enterprises, farms for the cultivation of cereals, fruit and berry crops, vegetables, root crops, greenhouse plants;
– Organizations engaged in reclamation and rehabilitation of land;
– Farms for growing poultry, pigs and cattle;
– Organizations involved in greening cities;
– Organizations working in the field of cosmetology and medicine.