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Our products will be of interest to companies engaged in the following activities:

Application of sapropel gives not only environmentally friendly, high-quality agricultural products, but also human health.

Sapropel as a high-quality organomineral fertilizer, is used for all types of soils and all types of plants to increase the content of humus, nitrogen and microelements in the soil. To solve various problems sapropel is used in the natural state, in liquid form and granulated.

Fertilizers from sapropel contribute to mobilization of soil composition, leads to self-cleaning of land and arable soils from pathogenic plants, fungi and harmful microorganisms. Sapropel, as fertilizers, used ancient agricultural civilizations in the valleys of the large rivers Euphrates, Tigris, Nile. Only thanks to the use of bottom river sediments in the form of sapropel, these civilizations achieved three to four sustainable yields per year. Sapropel, after harvesting each crop, was introduced and plowed into the soil before sowing the next one.
According to the results of studies carried out for a number of years in Belarus, Latvia, Yaroslavl, Leningrad and Omsk regions, it was practically justified that the application of sapropel is effective on light, sandy and stony soils, on lands saturated with mineral fertilizers, and on irrigated lands. The yield of crops after application of sapropel in the soil as a natural biostimulator of plant growth is increased by 50% or more.

Organizations engaged in reclamation and rehabilitation of lands contaminated with oil and oil products and other man-made zones.

In conditions of anthropogenic pressure on the biosphere of the planet that has increased in the 20th century, the soil being an element of the natural system and being in dynamic equilibrium with all other components, is subject to degradation processes. One of the most typical problems of our time is the contamination of the soil cover by oil and oil products of the territories as a result of emergency situations during the extraction, transportation and refining of oil.
Since it is not possible to exclude its impact on the environment at the current level of the development of the oil and oil refining industry, there is a need to recultivate lands contaminated with oil, oil products and highly mineralized oilfield wastewater (NSW).
For reclamation, lake sapropel is used, containing nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, plant growth stimulants, seeds or seedlings of the required flora.
A special role in the production of reclamation for waste territories is the ability of sapropel to feed plants during the growing season with water, nutrients, and protect against diseases, strengthen the root system, and promote their growth.
The complex of works on the reclamation of mining openings or drilling sites includes the extraction of sapropel in the field, its preparation, delivery to the site of reclamation and its introduction into recultivated soils.

Farms for growing poultry, pigs and cattle

Sapropel is a valuable feed additive for animals and birds, containing a set of special biologically active substances that increase the productivity of pigs and cattle, as well as resistance to various diseases. Reduces the cost of feed for a unit of production by replacing part of the components of feed for sapropel. Improves the use of nutrients from feed. Provides a reduction in morbidity and increase in the safety of livestock, improves the reproductive functions of animals due to the content of vitamin E. In poultry farming – contributes to increased egg production and improves the quality of eggs due to the content of carotenoids.
Sapropel can be successfully used in poultry feeding, both as a mineral supplement and as a feed containing biologically active substances. Sapropel is rich not only in salts but also in enzymes that enter the body of a bird along with nutrients, promote the fuller use of organic substances and reduce losses associated with the processes of decay.
When feeding sapropel, the birds are stimulated with the functions of the digestive tract, improves digestibility and assimilability of nutrients, increases assimilation of calcium and increases the use of nitrogenous feed compounds.
Organizations involved in gardening are ecologically clean lawns, squares and parks on sapropel. Natural fertilizer for indoor plants
Sapropel as an environmentally friendly and high-quality organomineral fertilizer, is used for all types of soils and all types of plants to increase soil humus, nitrogen and trace elements. As a result of the application of sapropel fertilizer to the soil, its mechanical structure, humidity and aerated properties are improved.
Sapropel fertilizers are an indispensable product used for radical improvement of the land, for its reclamation and sanitation

Depending on the properties and characteristics of sapropels, the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Melioration named after A. N. Kostyakov, who lead a lot of research on sapropels, recommends several ways of using them. The main way is direct application of sapropels as fertilizers or fertilizers made on their basis in vegetative soil in order to increase its fertility.
Now it is already known for certain and scientifically confirmed that the use of sapropel fertilizer improves the structure of the soil, it has a beneficial effect on the water-air regime. The use of sapropel fertilizer reduces the severity of harmful metals in plant tubers.

Sand reclamation technologies developed in Russia allow recreating the soil-turf and humus layer on virtually any desert territory. Duration of useful substances in sapropel fertilizers, with respect to crops, can be 3-7 years. And for grass or turf cover in technologies of reclamation disturbed by mining and wind erosion of lands – up to 8-14 years.

Organizations working in the field of cosmetology and medicine.

In sapropel, many proteins, carbohydrates, nitrogen, bitumens, volatile fatty acids and minerals, vitamins and hormone-like substances. The composition of the mud is affected by the chemical elements present in the lake water: potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, chlorine. All this gives sapropel a special value.

Leading perfumery and cosmetic companies of the world declared curative mud cosmetics of the XXI century. Sapropel masks and applications will help:

  • To get rid of acne and restore the water-lipid balance of the skin;
  • “Pull up” the fading skin of the face;
  • Whiten the skin, remove freckles, age spots, traces, uneven sunburn, vitiligo;
  • Relieve swelling;
  • Smooth wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones;
  • Strengthen the nails;
  • Normalize the work of the sebaceous glands of the scalp for dandruff and seborrhea;
  • Strengthen hair, especially with early baldness and increased hair loss;
  • Improve the blood supply throughout the body and, if not eliminate, then in any case “strangle” insidious cellulite, not allowing it to further parasitize on your body;
  • Relieve pain in the legs and soothe “varicose veins”;
  • Cope with many dermatological diseases;
  • Get rid of excessive sweating and unpleasant odor of the feet.

Sapropel has a powerful healing effect on the entire body, since it:


  • Improves lymph and blood circulation in tissues, strengthening the walls of capillaries;
  • Improves blood composition, lowers cholesterol in the blood;
  • Stimulates metabolic processes in tissues, increasing oxygen exchange;
  • Has a pronounced antibacterial effect;
  • Stimulates the functions of the autonomic nervous system, being a powerful physiological stimulus;
  • Promotes the activation of immune reactions of the body, has a tonic effect, increases resistance to diseases;
  • Successfully copes with the pathogenic flora of the mucous membranes, eliminates the inflammatory process without damaging the beneficial microflora;
  • Reduces the daily amount of chloride in the urine – Enriches the body with macro and microelements, vitamins, amino acids, which are easily absorbed from the intestine – does not cause allergic reactions.

Sapropel, produced by Sapropel LLC in the Lebyazhie field, is a natural lake sapropel with all the necessary requirements for use in the field of land reclamation after the end of oil production, for mining waste areas, and as an environmentally friendly natural fertilizer in agriculture and landscape Design (in the greening of cities).